Solid Surface Standards

Solid Surface Standards
Solid Surface Standard 80A (SSS80A)
Gloss finish is recommended for some vertical applications and bench tops that require a deeper looking colour. (Please note: extra care is required to maintain this look so please consider the expected use before specifying this finish)
This standard (Type A) suits all solid and particulate colours except colours with a degree of translucency or veining.

Works are to be completed by a fabricator that is licensed to use the specified product.
All joins to be totally seamless and extremely hard to see (almost invisible) without any joint contamination, voids or dirty looking lines.
Tops and panels will be finished to gloss finish with a gloss rating of 80%. All surfaces must be a consistent and uniform finish without blotchy swirl marks.
Edge build-ups are to be as per the details outlined in the final approved drawings and to be a constant uniform finish with all saw marks removed from the underside.
Either an off cut of the same batch is to be supplied with the finished product or preferably the fabricator should offer an offsite holding service for the off cut.
All cut outs must be routed and sanded smooth Note: Jig saws are not to be used on cutouts.
All hotplate cutouts must be routed on 45, sanded and covered with heat reflecting tape.
No scratches are to be present on completion of the fabrication/ installation.

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