Solid Surface Standards

Selecting a Standard
We have two ways to help you select the correct standard for your chosen product and colour.

1 Browse the product colour swatches with the recommended standards.
2 Use the standards chart to help you with your selection.

Product Swatches
Click on your chosen products logo to see swatches and the recommended Solid Surface Standard codes.
Surface Brands

Standards Chart
Choosing the correct standard
The joins in most solid surface colours should be extremely hard to see, almost invisible (Type A.) However some colours have a degree of translucency or veining in them (Type B) as the veining will not line up exactly the join is visible. This is not an excuse to let the quality of the join slip. Dirty contaminated joins are not acceptable. Furthermore the placement of joins on type B colours is critical to the overall appearance of the project.
Use the chart below as a guide to help you choose the best standard for your project and colour. Alternatively we have recommended a primary and secondary standard for each colour of the major solid surface brands. Click on your chosen brand (Above) then browse through the colour chart and select a colour. Then specify either the primary or secondary standard depending on the look you require.
Solid Surface Standards table

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