Solid Surface Standards

Why use Solid Surface Standards

The main purpose of the Solid Surface Standards is to make specifying the fabrication quality of the solid surface works in your projects easy. The complete standard is easy to find in a Google search. So placing a simple code on your finishes schedule equates to a comprehensive description of the quality you require.
This solid surface standard was developed by Pro Solid in response to enquiries from many architects as to the best way to specify a "seamless joint". It seems that the industry was lacking a standard description of a high quality seamless joint and finish. This has led to some fabricators producing low quality seamless joins (highly visible yet still "seamless"). This takes away the prestigious look of the material. However because the quality of the joint was not accurately described architects and builders sometimes struggle to get these sub-standard joints rectified as a defect.

Prevention is better than cure.
This solid surface standard lists six of the most common finishes used in solid surface projects. Simply pick the finish best suited to your project and chosen colour then put the corresponding code on your finishes schedule. EG: Bench top 12mm Corian Glacier White finish: SSS50A
Then no matter what fabricator works on your project they can look up that code and know exactly the quality and finish you expect. Your builder will also be able to download the standard and use it to ensure you get the high quality finish you specified.

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